Financial Markets Training

Finance IQ is world-renowned for both the breadth and quality of its in-house, training programs. The hallmark of our success comes from the instructor-led training (ILT) programs that feature live in-class instruction across a number of topics. All of Finance IQ instructors are current or former industry practitioners who bring to the classroom a wealth of knowledge and expertise within each subject.

We have designed and delivered numerous interactive and creative ILT programs to many of the world’s most prestigious investment banks, asset management firms, regulators, insurance firms, corporate banks and broker/dealer firms. All our courses emphasize case-based study and each facilitator is able to skillfully illuminate even the most complex concepts. The content for all our courses is constantly updated to reflect ongoing changes in the regulatory environment, industry practices and capital markets innovations.

In addition to live ILT programs, Finance IQ also offers on-line programs through virtual instructor-led training (vILT). These are available through both live and recorded webinars and are especially attractive for companies with employees working remotely or with flex hours. We also offer computer-based training (CBT) in the form of online/eLearning courses covering a significant number of topic areas.

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Learning & Development Program Design

Finance IQ provides industry-leading expertise in the design of financial training programs. We will take the time to fully understand your training needs, objectives and participant backgrounds as part of our assessment of your learning and development efforts. Our experience and flexible approach also allows us to provide customized learning solutions that can help you design a custom-built program with our subject matter experts. Whether it is onboarding new hires or making available continuing education classes, your program can be in the form of instructor-led training (live and/or virtual), eLearning, self-study, or a blend of all delivery formats.

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Risk Management

Finance IQ provides independent risk management advisory services that assist corporations, investment funds and private equity firms in North America manage their foreign exchange, commodity, credit and interest rate risks, effectively and efficiently.  We provide four-step approach to our customers in designing and delivering risk management solutions:


We work closely with our clients’ finance professionals to identify the cash flows at risk, measure them precisely, and help them decide the level of protection that best serves their needs.


We educate our clients’ finance professionals on the different product solutions (hedges) available to mitigate their risks, how they work and advise them on the best solution for their risk exposure. Our goal is to ensure our clients have the necessary independent analysis and knowledge to make well-informed hedging decisions both now and in the future.


We advise on the timing of the hedging solution and on the pricing of the hedging transaction, to ensure optimal value for our client. Our knowledge and experience in financial and capital markets, and in particular the pricing of hedging instruments, means we are better equipped to help negotiate the best solution—and hence, save them money.


Managing foreign exchange, credit, commodity and interest rate risk effectively and efficiently is an ongoing process. A solution chosen today may have to be modified in the future due to changing market conditions or changes within a client’s business or industry. That’s why we continuously update and advise our clients on the effectiveness of their hedging strategy.

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Subject Matter Experts

Our developers and instructors bring years of subject matter expertise in valuation, risk management, banking, and capital markets to each of our clients. Given our extensive Wall Street backgrounds, we are well positioned to help design solutions for your firm’s product, regulatory and competitive challenges.

  • Derivatives
  • Capital Markets Operations
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Portfolio Management
  • Valuation
  • Financial Analysis
  • Corporate Banking
  • Financial Regulation

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